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GMR Scales With the Help of Scholastica Production: Interview With Christopher Priestley-Milianta

Christopher Priestley-Milianta, fifth-year MD/PhD student at Georgetown University School of Medicine and editor of the Georgetown Medical Review, discusses the expansion of GMR and how working with Scholastica Production has helped them scale.

UC Press Partnership with Scholastica Production: Integrating publishing workflows four years on

With all the steps involved in running scholarly journals, reducing coordination costs is paramount for publishers. In this interview, Liba Hladik, Managing Editor at UC Press, discusses how they've partnered with Scholastica to connect the dots between their peer review, production, and hosting tools and workflows.

Clinical Insights in Eyecare partners with Scholastica Production: Interview with Dr. Joseph Shovlin

Dr. Joseph Shovlin, Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Insights in Eyecare, discusses the launch of the new American Academy of Optometry journal, why they chose to partner with Scholastica, and their experience using Scholastica's single-source article production service.

SSP 2024 Topics We're Most Interested in and Why: Water Cooler Chat

Scholastica's CEO and Co-Founder Brian Cody, CTO and Co-Founder Cory Schires, and Head of Marketing Danielle Padula discussed their takes on the key themes of the upcoming Society for Scholarly Publishing Conference during a virtual water cooler chat. Learn more and watch the recording.

#AskScholastica: Importing manuscripts from an old peer review system into a new one

We're continuing our #AskScholastica blog series with a question we frequently hear from journal publishers and editors — Should we import past and pending manuscripts from our old peer review system into our new one? Here's the scoop.

Streamlining Journal Operations at UI Press: Interview with Clydette Wantland

In recent years, the University of Illinois Press team has focused on embracing opportunities to streamline operations to keep scaling their publishing program. Scholastica caught up with Journals Manager Clydette Wantland to learn more about UIP's approach to portfolio development and goals for 2024.

New #AskScholastica Series: send us technical questions!

The scholarly communication landscape is changing fast, and that can raise many technical questions for journal editors and publishers. To help share knowledge, we're launching a new #AskScholastica blog series. Read on to learn more and submit your questions!

Do Your Journals Have Adequate OA Policies? How to make sure in 2024

With the expansion of research access initiatives worldwide, journal open access policies are no longer a nice to have author resource. They're becoming a necessity for both OA and subscription titles. This blog post covers steps journal teams can take to ensure they have adequate OA Policies in the new year.

7 Ways to Spark Diversity in Journal Peer Review

Increasing diversity in scholarship requires an action plan, including journal publishers and editors taking steps to address asymmetry among editorial teams, authors, and referee pools. The question for many publishing organizations is — where to start to have the most impact?

The future of community-driven publishing: Research rooted in academia

Who reaps the fruits of academic research? Much like crops in agriculture, the answer depends on how content is produced and disseminated. We explore the potential to apply concepts from local farming to grow community-driven publishing models in this new blog for International Open Access Week 2023.